DYTM Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail

DYTM Tuanku Hajjah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil

Time does fly fast, and it is already the 9th edition of the International Art Expo Malaysia. It appeared like only yesterday when the Malaysian-inspired trade fair was struggling on its feet, starting from scratch in what is a very competitive field.

Not that it is having an easy time now, but the experience of the past has put it in a good stead and the momentum coupled by the innovative changes the organisers put in every year, have seen the Art Expo Malaysia grown and now accepted as a fixture in the regional art calendar.

We, as the Royal Patron, have watched over the growth of the Art Expo Malaysia, and are proud of its achievements and progress. As year goes by, we see better quality of artworks and even masterpieces by some of the most famous names in the art world, we see increasing visitorship and most importantly the increasing awareness towards art appreciation in the public, we see increasing media coverage on the Expo be it locally or abroad as it is worth reporting about, we see participation from more countries, just to mention a few. We also see a higher sales of artworks recorded.

It is achieved via the hard work and painstaking effort by the organisers, where they overcome daunting challenges and obstacles, keep on striving to improve on the quality of the Expo in every aspects to meet international expectation. This is the Malaysian fighting spirit.

We hope the organisers would keep on adding new programmes and come up with interesting attractions, in order to value-add and also to make the Art Expo Malaysia something special that the art enthusiasts, whether at home or abroad, are keen to visit every year.

The Expo has definitely brought the visual arts industry in Malaysia a big leap forward. Syabas!




YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz

Art is a major tourist attraction, especially with specially packaged exhibitions of superstar artists that advance new ideas or present new discoveries. Art tourism despite it being a niche sector has tremendous potential as a money-spinner and its target of better-heeled tourists with more affluent spending habits. Indeed, art has become a big thing in modern lifestyles and cultural entertainment today.

Here in Malaysia, as part of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s effort to promote art tourism, the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism (1MCAT) Festival is held where various art-related events and exhibitions are held to showcase the talents of Malaysian artists. Since its inception in 2010, 1MCAT has been receiving good response, recording a steady growth be it from the sales of artworks or visitorship.

I am truly pleased that the International Art Expo Malaysia, now in its ninth year, has made great strides, as its increasing visitorships and sales revenue every year have revealed. Art Expo Malaysia has helped to position Kuala Lumpur as a global city of the arts, especially in this region. Besides showcasing the best of our Malaysian art, it also brings together under one roof some of the most exciting creative artworks and trends from all over the world.

Congratulations to the organiser and all those involved in making Art Expo Malaysia 2015 a great success!




YAB Dato’ Seri Hj. Mukhriz Tun Mahathir

I note with great pleasure that the Art Expo Malaysia (AEM), the longest uninterrupted art fair in the region, has progressed by leaps and bounds.

In 2009, I had officiated at the AEM’s Art Catalogue Launch and the VIP Preview Night at the Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre, when I was the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Malaysia. This year, I am told that the official art catalogue, a presentable book which has also become a collector’s item, is going to be another bonanza of some 400 pages. This is a feat, signifying the growing stature of the AEM as an important fixture in the international art calender.

I have visited the past editions of AEM for as many as 6 times, and I am pleased to see the yearly improvements. It is such a good chance for visitors to admire these quality artworks, when great expenses and efforts have been made to bring some of the best artistic expressions from all corners of the world to Kuala Lumpur.

I also note that the AEM is what it is today because of the indefatigable and pioneering efforts of Datuk Vincent Sim and his family, who dared and persevered to make their dreams a living reality.

Enjoy yourselves!




YBhg. Tan Sri Azman Hashim

Art is an expression of the soul – it has the ability to move, inspire, and bring individuals together. Year after year, the Art Expo Malaysia has succeeded in attracting aspiring artists, art dealers, collectors, investors and spectators to come together and appreciate the biggest art collection from abroad and locally.

As the main sponsor of the Art Expo Malaysia Plus (2015) for the second consecutive year, AmBank Group is honoured to be a part of the longest running international art fair in Southeast Asia. On behalf of AmBank Group, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Organisers for successfully pushing forward the art movement in the country with this prestigious art event.

I had the privilege of serving as Chairman of the then National Art Gallery (now known as National Visual Arts Gallery) for six years from 1984 to 1990. Together with my colleagues at AmBank Group, we have consistently supported the promotion and efforts of local artists. For over three decades, AmBank Group has built up a sizeable collection of artwork, mostly from local artists and published a Coffee Table Book on the Group’s Collection of Paintings in December 2013.

I hope that art fairs such as Art Expo Malaysia will continue to play its role as a platform for artists, both local and international, to showcase their talent and creativity to the world.  I wish the Organisers, the participating galleries and artists, every success and to the visitors who have taken their time to attend this Art Expo, an enjoyable and fruitful visit!




YBhg. Dato’ Steven Sim

Art, just like music, sports, and food, brings people together. I must say that Indulgence in food and art do bring great joy to me. Food to feed the body and Art to feed the mind. There are similarities of food and art. Food to nourish the body, Art nourishes the soul.

My first encounter with Art Expo Malaysia was in 2008, and I have witnessed many improvements in the last few years, the organisers pushing the envelopes in aiming for impeccable standards and meeting expectations. The Art Expo Malaysia has since grown into an international art platform. We, at Secret Recipe are truly impressed by the values and inspirations in this cause, and have since started to partake as a Sponsor for the Art Expo Malaysia, to support the laudable effort by Datuk Vincent Sim’s family, in presenting Malaysia’s art to the world.

The Art Expo Malaysia continues to surprise and takes on initiatives in the Art Scene by introducing new programmes and projects, adding more spice to excitement. Alike Secret Recipe, in the F & B arena, we evolve and grow to offer more dining concepts and excitement to our food lovers, such as Beyond Veggie of the healthy meatless dining concept, Red Lobster (originated from USA) of the indulgence in seafood extravagance, and the latest additions: Longhorn Steakhouse (originated from USA) of the top quality grilled steaks, Olive Garden (originated from USA) of the delicious Italian-themed cuisine, adding on the vibrancy to our local food scene.

Secret Recipe, being a local Malaysian company ourselves, takes great pride to support and showcase our local Asian talents. We wish to thank Art Expo Malaysia for the opportunity to be part of this meaningful cause.

Lastly, do greatly enjoy this feast for our eyes that will delightfully open up our minds!



Prof. Wang Xijing

Platform like Art Expo Malaysia provides opportunity for creativity, ideas and cultural exchange. While contributing to the country’s economy, it also enhances friendship between the participating countries, as well as nurturing the interest towards arts in the public. I am glad to see an increase in awareness towards art appreciation, especially since the launch of Art Expo Malaysia nine years ago, and also the yearly improvement of the Expo.

We are glad to be involved in this meaningful mammoth art event, where I come in as sponsor, while Shaanxi Artists Association comes in as co-organiser once again. We are ready and most willing to fully support such good effort by the organisers. We will learn from each other’s strength, discuss and explore on different ideas, with one aim – to further improve on the standard of Art Expo Malaysia, so as to bolster its position as one of the important art fairs in the region.

Shaanxi Artists Association is also presenting an exhibition showcasing Chinese ink paintings by 23 members, to celebrate and commemorate the 41 years of bilateral relationship between China and Malaysia.




YBhg. Dato’ Dzulkifli Mahmud

MATRADE would like to congratulate Art Expo Malaysia Sdn Bhd for continuing to organise the 9th edition of the International Art Expo Malaysia. We are proud to be associated with this prestigious art event. I am certain this year’s event will see more art buyers, collectors and patrons visiting Art Expo Malaysia, the most exciting fine art festival, in conjunction with Year of Festivals 2015.

Art has played an important role for illustrating the colours and perspectives of a nation. The achievement and progress of any country and its society can best be expressed through its artists’ creations. Malaysia with its multi-ethnic culture provides our artists exciting subject matters to be portrayed on the canvas.

Platforms like the International Art Expo Malaysia 2015 provide opportunities for emerging and upcoming artists to offer their works to art enthusiasts and collectors. This event also serves as a bridge for ideas and cultural exchanges between Malaysia and other parts of the world. MATRADE constantly promotes Malaysian visual arts and the creative works through its 44 overseas network trade offices. In recent years, MATRADE had promoted Malaysian art in London, Melbourne, Miami, and will continue to promote art in the international arena.

I am pleased with the continuous efforts made by the organiser towards making the event successful. It is one of the most anticipated events to be held at MATRADE building annually. Art Expo Malaysia has made a great impact in increasing the number of visitors and sales turnover from year to year.

On that note, I hope that more visitors will come to the 9th International Art Expo Malaysia 2015 and be impressed by the amazing creations of the participating artists.



YBhg. Dato’ Mahadzir Lokman

I am indeed pleased to note that the Art Expo Malaysia (AEM) brings together a wide array of art professionals and practitioners from the region, which have added lustre and had left a great impression to the visitors experience of great art from around the world.

AEM promotes the Malaysia art industry in leaps and bounds. This 9th edition of Art Expo is clearly furthering the ambitions of the visual art industry in Malaysia while achieving great outcomes that will surely propel the industry on to greater heights.

It is hoped that besides the vigorous art trading and business matching, the organisers continue to inspire, educate, and dedicate special events which include trips to the National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia for all art lovers and students. I trust that this prestigious exhibition will pave the way in bolstering Kuala Lumpur as an important art hub in Asia.

AEM is on track with our visitor count towards achieving higher visitation to the country in this Malaysia Year Of Festivals 2015 and I am confident that AEM aims to contribute to that as they strive to attract over 25000 visitors.

I trust that the AEM with excellent track record and vast international art and culture experience, shall continue to play an influential role in fostering common prosperity and integration between nations. I once again would like to record a special thanks to all those people involved in making the AEM a reality and ever steadfast in upholding the standards of contemporary art and culture as it contributes to the creative economy of Malaysia.

Terima Kasih.



YBhg. Datuk Sim Tiak Choo, Vincent

It is humbling to note that the Art Expo Malaysia is now in its 9th year, making it the longest unbroken art fair in Southeast Asia.

Our success is built on the support of many and all too numerous to single out. We are fortunate that this Art Expo Malaysia is under the Royal Patronage of Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Perlis, Daulat Tuanku! We also take this opportunity to thank the Yang Di-Pertua of Melaka TYT Tun Datuk Seri Utama Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob, the Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz, the Chief Minister of Kedah YAB Dato’ Seri Hj. Mukhriz Tun Mahathir, the Main Sponsor AmBank Group and the Chairman Tan Sri Azman Hashim, National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia, Secret Recipe, Prof. Wang Xijing, Matrade, the participating exhibitors, the friends from media, the supporters, collectors and visitors, Thank you very much!

I hope, and pray, that all the stake-holders and art-lovers would continue to support the Art Expo Malaysia one way or another, for it is YOU who make it what it is, THANK YOU!



Sim Pojinn & Sim Polenn

When the panels come down, we already have our eyes set on the next Art Expo Malaysia edition, but with an eye on fine-tuning.

Always, we try to keep to our brand. We stress a lot on being Friendly – to exhibitors in terms of providing the wherewithal for display and facilitating other formalities; and to the visitors, free admission – one of the very few in the world, if not the only – and making it conducive for the whole family as well as the curious and the serious. All these are to help create greater awareness in art, especially in Malaysia where art appreciation was low when we started.

As we expand, more foreign and local galleries are joining us this year. With globalisation, most galleries are representing artists from all over and not only from their base nationalities. Some 2,000 works by approximately 400 artists represented by 70 participating art galleries / groups from 30 countries will be on show.

Most of the biggest names in Malaysian art will be represented by the reputable local galleries, which form the largest exhibitor group. Neighbouring country Singapore forms the second largest bandwagon, with participation from as many as 13 galleries.

Art lovers will also have the opportunity to admire artworks of various medium, style and expression from many other countries. To further offer a potpourri of art from different parts of the world, we set up an Embassy Zone that sees participation from more than 11 Embassies.

Bring your family and friends to visit Art Expo Malaysia Plus (2015), it promises to be a wonderful and fun experience for all!