14 October 2017

Miami 1, West Wing, 3rd Floor,
Hall B, MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC)

Free Admission

12:00 noon

Art Auction Market In Malaysia,
Brief Overview

Sim Polenn
Director of Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers

12:30 noon

Toward A New Chinese Ink-Colour Aesthetic Paradigm

Prof. Lo Ching,
Professor of English & Art Department of National Taiwan Normal University

1:00 pm

National Art Gallery Contribution In Malaysia Art Scene Now

Mohamad Majidi Amir,
Senior Curator of
National Art Gallery

2:00 pm

Collecting Original Art Editions. Exploring Technics

Leticia Hervas
Director and Founder,
ATR Gallery

2:30 pm

Collecting Malaysian Contemporary Art
— A 10 Year Journey

Bingley Sim,
Art Friend

3:00 pm

Art: 30 Years Of Personal Experience

Prof. Awang Damit Ahmad,
respected senior Malaysian artist

3:30 pm

The Journey Of Promoting And Collecting Malaysian Contemporary Art: A Personal Insight

Scarlette Lee
Director of Core Design Gallery